About Us

Diamond Care Support Services

We are youth workers who serve as advocates and role models, providing guidance and support to youth, children and families.

Our main focus as youth workers is to build therapeutic relationships with our clients.

Although this is a support position, we as youth workers have strong leadership capabilities and provide the youth with the direction they need. Sensitivity to cultural and individual differences is essential in our services.

Additionally, since youth workers interact with children from many different backgrounds, we are flexible, patient, and understanding. Maturity and consistency are important, as youth workers we set a positive example for the children who are being mentored.

Our schedules vary based on the needs of the youth. We usually work before and after the school day ends, or during the weekends. Full-time work may be available during school vacations. Some youth workers are on-call and work on a case-by-case basis. A successful youth worker is able to work when and where there is a need.